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The Royal Tour of the kingdom

The prehistoric remains around Anundshög show that the area was the hub of a royal centre of power during the Iron Age. The road taken by the Royal Tour crossed over the stream and went along the row of standing stones which includes the rune stone. This road was travelled by many parties of powerful people and kings.

The road with its rune stone and long row of standing stones gave a worthy framework when these riders arrived at the Thing (district court) at Anundshög. From here they rode on towards Uppsala.

The road has a good foundation with among other things sand in the roadway itself. The stones were raised at regular intervals and the ford over the stream was constructed to make the ride easier.

A part of Badelundaåsen Nature and Culture trail tells us more about The Royal Tour of the kingdom.

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Anundshög – ett tusenårigt maktcentrum