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Here is contact information for all associated staff working at Anundshög. The destination Anundshög is managed by Västerås stad. Västerås museums coordinates the work in the area.

Bookings and inquiries

Contact us by e-mail anundshog@vasteras.se or by phone +46(0)21398070 (10.00-12.00)

Museum director

Katarina Frost
Telefon: 021-39 80 78
E-mail: katarina.frost@vasteras.se

Elin Rynger, avdelningschef
021-39 80 76

Site curator

Sara Hagström Yamamoto
E-mail: sara.hagstrom.yamamoto@vasteras.se

Programs, education & communication

Alicia Högfors Lindståhl
E-mail: alicia.hogfors.lindstahl@vasteras.se

Visiting and mail address

Anundshög 5
725 96 Västerås, Sweden

Café Anund

E-mail: cafe.anund@vasteras.se

Badelunda local history society Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

Book a guided tour for your group

Bengt Wallén

E-post: wallenbengt@gmail.com

Annelie Öster Friberg
E-post: annelie.osterfriberg@telia.com